iván BRAVE



Iván Brave lives in Bucharest, Romania, where he writes poetry, reviews and novels, as well as promotes language learning in multinational corporations.

He is a graduate of The New School, having earned his Master in Fine Arts (for Creative Writing) in 2018, after a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from The University of Texas at Austin.

Texan by birth, Argentine by blood, and Brooklynite by residence, his work explores a range of topics that draw from his eclectic background and from his extensive travels around the world.

Language and Multiculturalism—with a focus on origins, family and love—are the themes currently dearest to his heart.

In addition to winning prizes, such as the Writing Award from The Vera List Center for Arts and Politics, his writings have appeared in literary publications like The American Scholar and The Acentos Review. Recently, Iván published his debut novel, The Summer Abroad, available now on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle.


–info [at] ivanbrave.com (12 January 2019)