Commune Exercise Day 4: Explore your Purpose

Ms Suskin has already urged us to make meaning out of the little things, the big things. But what is the most important of all the meanings? Our own meaning.   In today’s episode, the poets gathered to explore their own purpose. People will always ask you why you do […]

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Commune Exercise Day 3: Find Your Inspiration

Today’s exercise asks us to utilize our senses when we write a poem. I’m here watching this video, smelling my sweat, greasy hair stuck to my brow, thinking, duh.   But, Ms J Suskin, let us honor the gods with our five senses! Below are my five and a bonus […]

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Commune Exercise Day 2: Purpose

These exercises feel easy and doable (during working hours! Opps). I am grateful for them. They really inspire. Especially with how I tell myself I should be training more. Be more of a champion. Practice daily, all the time, every moment I get, religiously.   Today’s exercise features purpose. In […]

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Commune Exercise Day 1: Your Awe

My mother is super into webinars, and in daily meditation, and daily practice. So, here I am, sharing in her delights. She sent me a series hosted by a longtime poet and motivator of words within us: Jacqueline Suskin. Now, when I read her name out loud (in my head, […]

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ode to road blocks

Ode to Road Blocks: a praise in poetry and prose

Be water, my friend. Bruce Lee   Praise to the blocks, the stumbles and locks! They keep villains away, keep terror ad hoc. The purpose of a block is to channel, you know, a flow the consciousness doesn’t know; while laziness allows us to rock peace or pajamas. And what’s […]

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where does inspiration come from

Where does inspiration come from? (A Lyric)

A poignant question, and I seem to have but an hour to ponder the thought. Thus I invite you to take your index finger and run it along the cracks of your vanity mirror, get it out of your matrix. This one’s on the penny side to-day. Ride.   Is […]

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Travel poems

Five Travel Poems (June – July 2018)

Why not get into the holiday spirit with some lines? These I wrote while traveling this past summer. They feel warm to me, silly, carefree, and yearning.  Skim them, or sit on a word for a long time. They are here to keep you company. Personally I like the last […]

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A Dirge to Love (Part 9)

Click here for the PDF — A Dirge to Love (Part 9)   In this week’s episode, we finally see the narrator taking the GRE, and we hear about “you know who.” How would you have reacted?

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A Dirge to Love (Part 8)

Click here for the PDF — A Dirge to Love (Part 8)   Are any of the words in this week’s episode new to you? Write a sentence using it, and leave it in the comment section.

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