Here are some longer works, which wouldn’t make good posts, but I would like to share none the less. If you’re wondering, they are not free. Actually you would pay me in attention by reading these stories. However, in return, you would earn something you did not have before.


2019 – Lunas и Moons: Campus Poetica

This is the record of all I learned as a student at the New School. It’s composed of short stories I submitted to workshops, translations too. But also some flash pieces — those less-than-one-page book ends to this work. If I had one wish, I wouldn’t tell you what it is. But if I had another less important wish, which I had to share, then I would wish for the necessary two-three weeks to really chop this collection into a set of delicious sushi pieces. Say, what would help me is some feedback from a kind and encouraging reader! Would you?


2018 – Polyglot Manifesto

This was, unlike the previous link, only partially what I learned at the New School, serving as my Critical Thesis. If you have 40 mins to spare (less than one GoT episode) I’ve heard that this is very thought provoking. I truly hope it is. I called it a Manifesto for Opium’s sake!


2015 – A Dirge to Love

This long poem is scattered across various post on my website, so I figured to put it all put in one PDF. I spent so much time on it, by gosh, it simply could not go to waste. What it means to you . . . I would rather let you find out. But if you insist on a preamble, then here it is: ungratefulness turns to heartbreak, a classic I Want You Back story, about a guy wasting all his time pining over a lost girl rather than studying for his GRE. It uses vocab from the test to fulfill rhyming meters. The result: a fun little diddy study tool.


2014 – Will’s Diary

This is the very first long-form story I wrote, up to show how bad early writing can be. Context: I had written some flash, some shorts, but knew that I wanted to take the lead on a bigger project. Obsessed with dreams, architecture, and a young girl with AIDS, the novella follows the ruminations and misadventures of a senior in college, just trying to figure things out. I shared it with my best friend once, back when all I needed from readers was positive reinforcement. He was kind enough to nod his head and ask why I didn’t write more about sex. Perhaps you feel the same way?


2013 – This One Time in West Campus

This is a series of stories about two horrible roommates. Detestable frat university types, they engage in common denominator shenanigans. Again, detestable. I asked a respectable lady once to read it, she never spoke to me about it again. The same week, I shared it with my brother and his roommates, and they couldn’t stop quoting it for week. The mix reviews lead me to try my luck at selling them to the biggest rag in West Campus, the poop-headed neighborhood that hosts these stories. The magazine liked them so much they offered to run them. I said, Cool, how much do you pay? They replied 0. I said what about one dollar? No reply. . . So, for what it’s worth, here it is. For 0 dollars. How much are they worth to you?