513. “What’s Your Favorite T-Shirt?”

In response to The New York Times article “650 Prompts for Narrative and Personal Writing.”


513. “What’s Your Favorite T-Shirt?”


Ode to my favorite shirt:

“Follow me to


it says, and features some Hindu divinities (Vishnu with a pair of Laxmis). They ride an orange and red (my favorite color: vermilion) eagle with a stern face, wings extended, beak askance, clenching a thick cobra who frowns tongue out.


From Marfa, Texas, where I bought it on the tail end of a camping trip with Ian and Greg, my cowboy traveler co-companions, co-champions.


The shirt itself is cream colored, like a chai with too much milk, or résumé paper.


A grease spot stains the bottom, just above the belt line, from when I tucked the shirt into my jeans and bumped against the front end of a hot grill once.


MADE in the USA – 100% cotton – MEDIUM (38-40) // tag~


No holes, no pit stains… shirt going strong… year three and some change… hope to have it for many more years…


It makes me feel. It makes me happy. When I see me in it in a photo, I remind myself to wear it again soon. Don’t we all have a shirt such as?

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