609. “How Green Are You?”

(Image from Miniature Photography)


In response to The New York Times article “650 Prompts for Narrative and Personal Writing.”


613. “How Green Are You?”


Yesterday we lost a plant. His friend the Golden Devil and I mourned with our fingers in the soil. Dolefully we entered a World of Flowers, and from a man who spoke multiple languages asked him for advice. A Two Tone Ivy to the side called us, come-hither, with a five pointed leaf, and there I fell. She was the one, fresh, cute, and growing. The Golden Devil and the Two Tone were introduced. The first opened to the second. Now, intertwined, they are getting to know one another, and I feel it will be…


Plants are choice. Back in Houston is my first, a Ficus Bonsai, in a flower pot, sizing up its roots, happy.


Plants give oxygen. They are health symbols and health bearers, fecund fields and fecund friendly.


Plants like attention. Before me here rests an Aloe named Aleo, a one year old, with a constellation of prickles on each sharpie green leaf.


…good, in the end.

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