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What’s next? An announcement, pronouncement.

Ladies and Gentlemen,


Thank you for visiting this page. Some of you will notice there has been some inactivity as a result of one’s being inactive inactively for a minute here on this blog, yup me, allowing the days to produce only a lack of content, let’s just say. Well. You want to know why, fine, metamorphosis of sorts was to blame.


The long of the short of it: I came back from my travels, I got my old job back, I moved to a new apartment. Cool. Now I’m working more, living in Brooklyn, and missing the old world. Tight. But in the background, behind the curtain, underwater, there was a school of sea plankton foaming and bemoaning an inevitable change. Your attention, please.


(From the Online Etymology Dictionary: Announce comes from the Latin “annuntiare”, meaning to make known; pronounce comes from “pronnuntiare”, meaning to officially proclaim; both share the Proto-Indoeuropean “neu-” which means TO SHOUT. So, let me make known the official shouted forecast of what is yet to come, of what you can expect on this blog, and from me.)


First, you will notice the social media buttons up and to the right of every page. These outlets shall further refresh your ever-stimulated eyes forthwith. That is to say, expect photos and posts for your viewing/reading pleasure, on all these sites, effective immediately. Please, follow to believe.


Second, what is there to say and to show on these media? Primarily, “the book.” I would like to announce that my first novel “THE SUMMER ABROAD” will be released on Kindle on November 16th, just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. (Black Friday gift?) And in hard-copy in December. (Xmas gift?) Those who know the story behind the story also know I’ve been writing this thing for over four years. It’s ready, it’s been ready. Now I’ve decided to let the tale take its first steps out of the house. He can cut your lawn, clean your gutters, walk the dog, make you laugh, make you cry, make you cringe. Expect more news on “the book” soon.


Third, expect this blog to continue. The resurrection is now. New posts every Wednesday and Saturday. Feel free to comment, to share. Community is the prize.


Last, but not least, I would like to thank the businesswoman who has agreed to come on board as my marketer, Ms Ela Siromascenko. You might thank her later for gently nudging me to produce new content on social media, to expand and grow, and of course for the nice new look of this website. Notwithstanding her track record as an expert in her field (fashion, design, marketing), she has proven to me, personally and professionally, to be a reliant, encouraging, and determined champion, an ally. I would thank her now. Thank you.


And, encore, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your time. Have you reread the title since starting on this post? Well. As a wise fool once said, the best is yet to come. Expect it.
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