Travel poems

Five Travel Poems (June – July 2018)

Why not get into the holiday spirit with some lines? These I wrote while traveling this past summer. They feel warm to me, silly, carefree, and yearning.  Skim them, or sit on a word for a long time. They are here to keep you company. Personally I like the last one the best.





Dancing in the sky

Before one wild good free fuck

Two birds o’er the sea





I try and fail to make

Sense / my efforts dead

And lifeless beauty always

Escapes to grasp my eye—

O lavender sky

Help me cry

O lavender, bye bye

Sweet toothy rhymes

And clanked forks in wrong hands

Against dull knifes

Help me, lavender sky

Maybe, maybe, perhaps

Zits popped and sores cold

One can but look ahead

Do your duty as you live

Full of full of this





Free from the parents who

Forced him to wear that speedo


The boy kicks a green ball and plays

To contentment, for solitary boredom


All, this is, hurray, but a sweet

Respite till dinner (which with luck

Or soon enough) will come with bells


Under the lavender sky and a

Calmly sunset falling


: Free from trouble, everything

–Falling calmly the setting sun





This cruel world

That holds hot lovers

At separate attentions

(Cool breeze

And warm

Sea salt sun)

Why must I sit up here?


He looks away from /

She looks at him

: The pretty bella

: The dopey dude


She splashes you,

Shows you her nails

(I wouldn’t need such tricks)

She clearly wants you . . .

You, playing games, or looking

for better . . . yes that . . .

While I could settle

On her chest

The weight of all my

Body—to blow up

And wipe away even the flakes

Of rock off her white bottom

So tan . . . but would that work for her?

Clearly not.


What he’s doing works.

This cruel world.





Somos solos

Y estaremos solos

Por ahora no

Pero pronto sí:


Estaremos solos

Esperando el oro

De nuestro

Pronto porvenir


Por ahora no—

Sólo plata, esto,

Estar sólo solo

Sin ti


Pero pronto sí

A solas nosotros

Mi voz sobre vos

Tu voz sobre mí:


En ese entonces

Siendo sólo un solo

No seremos juntos

Sino todo y todo


Solo y todo

Cómo somos

Sentir mi voz sobre vos

Tu vos sobre mí.

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