Commune Exercise Day 4: Explore your Purpose

Ms Suskin has already urged us to make meaning out of the little things, the big things. But what is the most important of all the meanings? Our own meaning.


In today’s episode, the poets gathered to explore their own purpose. People will always ask you why you do what you do, because that is the fundamental question. It’s the Why to the Why to the Why. We should all know our Why. The answer to that question is what activates the deepest parts of us. To hear why someone does what they do, and then to ask them why that, wow, like, that is the ultimate search, the fundamental discovery.


So below is my answer to the question to my why (not why I write, which I have written about before, but my ultimate why). Styled after the young poet herself, who wrote hers one morning at 3 AM. I’ll write mind a little more sober, at 9:30 AM. As always, read it, and then write your own, please.



to be good

to share values or explain them or listen

to improve myself daily monthly lifely

to honor heroes and pass them on

to inspire the next ones to inspire their next ones

to laugh in roars

to make others laugh too with me or at me or in spirit

to do something different for the sake of being different

to feel happy often or

to feel deeply everything else

to live life like a kung fu apprentice, walking the earth on mini-mission after mini-mission, as part of a larger one

to become a master myself, of myself, by myself and with others, for others, together

to pen metaphors in my mind or on the page

to see connections between near and far things, bridging and linking

to tell the truth as much as, as fully as, as surprisingly as, as honestly as

to set free what wants to be

to protect those I love and that which I love

to win at every game or at least the game of playing games

to love with every fiber of my being being alive

to die at peace, and until then make peace too



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