Plot & Structure Exercise 8.2: Titles, Titles, Titles!!

I read something interesting the other day. “Titles are the lens through which we read a story.” It makes a lot of sense. A title can enhance or reverse our understanding of a story. It’s like labels. If you see two people arguing and fighting and kicking each other, it would be quite different if we called them “silblings,” “boxers,” or “husband and wife.”


So, we love labels, and they help us understand and appreciate. Great. What Mr Bell recommends is for us to imagine whole novels just from a powerful title. To do that, you come up with titles!


So this game we will spend an hour coming up with book titles. (Btw, I assume you’re following along, making up your owe titles, right?)


. . .


The Instagram Murders

Rap with an E

Gay, Why?

Broken Bones

Healing, Not I

Fine Porn

Blue Ink

The Tattoo Artist

Paper Planes


Silver and Blue Skies

100 Ciorbas


The Agony Stone

The Legend of Satie



Poison Ivy

Once a MILF




Crab Position

El silbato del albatros

The Genius of Lies

Mr. and Mrs. Gorgonzola


Mist of Woe


. . .


Omg that was hard . . . to be continued . . .


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