The Writer’s Lexicon: Soar Beyond the Limits

In this edition of the Writer’ Lexicon, Ms Steinemann urges us to invent adjectives (a form of loosening the neurons, if you will) just as Lewis Carroll did.




The nineteenth century author combined words to create slithy (slimy+lithe), and even mimsy (miserable+flimsy).


Let’s have a go ourselves, shall we?


Altacomio (pertaining to, and in reference of, anything having to do with my taco)

Brutesque (resembling, or reminiscent of a brute)

Nerdful (full of nerdiness)

Lesbic (pertaining to Lesbianism; creds, this one belongs to a workshop mate back in grad school)

Curvious (a more natural, granola kind of curvy)

Gapine (relating to the Gap Store)

Waitish (having the quality of waiting)

Ballive (having the quality of a ball)

Librarialicious (delightfully and extremely being a librarian)

Nintendo-like (like a Nintendo, but not)

Delly (characterized by being a Dell, but not quite)

Boredomous (full of boredom)

Chestular (resembling a chest)



Manipulate stereotype and give them an unexpected twist . . . you could liken a beautiful nurse to a curvaceous android. Just three words, curvaceous, android, and nurse, create a mini-portrait.


A hardened private detective who only drinks raspberry daiquiris.


A space alien conducting an experiment on the human race by selling ice cream from an ice cream  truck.


A Chinese restaurant that serves sushi, pasta, and hot dogs, depending on the day.


Character Flaws


Combine negatives with positives to create fresh nuances of character. You’ll soon discover imaginative phrases such as: aloof radiance, icy allure, indifferent appeal, tainted loveliness.


Stinkingly adorable

Disastrously alluring

Pitiful amazement

Awfully appealing

Fantastically arresting

Passably arresting

Common astonishment

Minimally astouding

Plain attractive

Awe-inspiring evil

Awesome disappointment

Beauteous villain

Bedazzling laziness

Beguilingly clever

Bewitching commercial

Bodacious mediocrity

Bonny electricity

Boundless stupidity

Breathtaking hold music

Captivating incompetence

Celestial distraction

Charismatic lies

Charming peasant

Chaste alcoholic

Cherubic demon

Distracting come-hither

Comely cheerleader

Compelling snot

Consummate loser

Coquettish cicada

Cosmopolitan hobo

Curvaceous glacier

Cute poop

Dazzling disregard

Delectable vomit

Delicious cockroach

Delightful dork

Desirably detestable

Disarmingly attractive

Divine nap

Dreamy rock concert

Dumbfounding ingenuity

Dynamic frontiers

Dynamite undertaking

Electrifying snail

Elegant ear lobe

Empyrean dirt

Enchanting bath robe

Endearing blade of grass

Engaging pimple

Enrapturing debt

Enthralling auto accident

Enticing tummy ache

Entrancing toxicity

Ethereal yapping

Exceptionally ignorant

Exciting rain

Exotic water boy

Exquisite potatoes

Extraordinary Mondays

Eye-catching traffic

Fabulous pin prick

Fair puss

Fascinating pain

Fetching beast

Fiery drone

Fine balding

Flabbergasting paper clips

Flaming 40 oz

Flawless mole

Flirtatious weeds

Formidable knot

Foxy sucker

Genteel butter fingers

Genuine crook

Glamorous dweeb

Glittering goat

Glorious glory hole

Glowing red lights

Good-looking bruise

Gorgeous scar

Gracious tardy bell

Gripping illness

Handsome corruption

Heady trial

Heavenly affair

Hot bank robbery

Hypnotic abduction

Immeasurable death

Impeccable incest

Imposing STD

Incomparable isolation

Inconceivable betray

Incredible abortion

Indescribable crisis

Inescapable murder

Inexorable destruction

Infinite cancer

Inimitable divorce

Intoxicating crime

Intriguing desolation

Inviting prison

Irresistible horror

Jaw-dropping infertility

Knockout war

Limitless apathy

Lissome dyslexia

Lovely ghost

Luminously dirty dishes

Lush failure

Lustrous necrophilia


. . . (I’m going to do just one or two words per letter now!!)


Noble hangman

Opulent disgrace

Peerless idiot

Ravishing student debt

Sensational arm cast

Teasing pebble

Unprecedented abuse

Vivacious crack head

Wholesome homelessness


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