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Dear faithful reader,


I am happy to announce that systematizing my submission process back in February has just bared its first fruit. Below is a now published story I wrote, about a lawyer husband angry at his lawyer wife, and their impending blow-up fight soon to occur as soon as he reaches home from work. Only that, when the protagonist gets home, things do not turn out as expected:




Two curious bits of trivia for the hard core fan. First, folks please, regularly check your spam folder. The acceptance email for “Snow Impatient,” sent directly from the website’s curator LJ Pemberton (an artist/writer in her own right), ended up in my spam . . . Weeks later, that is only days away from it being deleted forever, I caught her message after a similar incident happened to me, but in reverse. A professor I had been trying to reach told me that my message had ended up in his spam folder, thereby inspiring me to check my own.


Second, and this is the best part, LJ’s email, aside from containing the good news, also asked whether I “would be okay with us accepting and publishing this edited version,” which had the first two out of three pages completely lobbed off. As in, she wanted to run the last page only. My reply, without hesitation, was “YES!” and now, the story is alive!


We know public art comes as a result of collaborating with an editor, often a give and take process meant to enhance or sharpen. Sometimes a story can have its head cut off. But this time, in the end, I am glad to see the heart of this story clearly coming through, recognized, and promoted by The Bureau of Complaint.


Check out the Bureau’s about page, and consider sending LJ your stuff.


And if that isn’t enough, check out her personal artist page too, even her photography, with images that make your jaw drop with how gorgeous they are.



Until soon!


Your writer making headway,



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