“El problema de vivir no es morir…” / “The problem of living isn’t dying…”

Click here for a link to my transcription and translation: VIVIR by DJ AFRO (feat Carlos Fraga)

Searching the dollar bin at Cactus Records in Houston, I found this gem by Venezuelan DJ Afro, founder of renowned acid-jazz-funk group Los Amigos Invisibles.

Listening to the first nine tracks is akin to walking down a long stretch of Caribbean water, passing by bar after bar after bar, each with its own unique and harmonious sound that ultimately comes together to form one hell of a soundtrack on your passage toward a setting sun, perhaps.

Track ten, “Vivir,” with a feature by motiviational TV personality, Carlos Fraga, provides the blanket upon which to lay your weary from dancing and drinking. A hell of a track, “Vivir.”

So I tried my hand as a transcription and translation for those of you who want to follow along. Hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you thought of the song in the comment section below.

Here is the song:

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