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19 October 2018
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Ice cream. Outer space. Reflex. Lombok, Indonesia. LCD Soundsystem. Bullseye. Zeker. Mosque. Date. По-русски. Brighton Beach. Vial. Malachite. Autobiography. Vanidades. Superman. Zelda. Sk8ter boi. Summer. Twentysomething. Yawp. Kebab. Kiss. Two-hundred hungry loud Texans. Moons. Gray-whiskered and rough. Argos. Estrangement. Imperceptible smile. Low gravity. Cigarette. Astronomy. Burnt-orange bag. Black Hercules. Queso. Parallax and birth control.


Ladies and Gentlemen, another public announcement. To people interested in reading samples, in reading stories, in reading fantasies and manias, in reading for pleasure, in reading for fun, you can now sign up for a bi-monthly NEWSLETTER and receive six short stories composed by me for you.


Together the collection is titled LOVE TERRESTRIAL, after the four terrestrial planets closest to the Sun, the Sun itself and the Moon. Above you read a “trailer” of sorts, with words cherry-picked from the text.


Some simple instructions, to download the file:


  1. Sign up. On desktops you will find the field to enter your name and email on the right-hand side of this page, where you read “Take a Journey.” On mobile devices you may scroll down the homepage until you reach the field.
  2. Open your inbox, open the email, and follow the link.
  3. You will be taken to a new tab, which will prompt you to wait.
  4. After a moment, voilà, you now have the PDF.


Notwithstanding, after you have signed up, you will receive every two weeks more cool content crafted just for the curious and engaged.


See you in outer space.


Chau, for now~

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