Commune Exercise Day 1: Your Awe

My mother is super into webinars, and in daily meditation, and daily practice. So, here I am, sharing in her delights. She sent me a series hosted by a longtime poet and motivator of words within us: Jacqueline Suskin. Now, when I read her name out loud (in my head, in loud?) I say it like Pushkin, “Sushkin.” It sounds cooler that way.


Anyway, coming up will be five days of exercises. Today’s is about AWE.


Suskin says we should, like poets, find what AWES us and write about that. She says every day is a poem, a chance for AWE. And if I capitalize that word, it is because I have been awed by her explanation of AWE. It really is at the heart of every encounter with words. Like . . . I would want you to feel the AWE I feel when I write. Writing a good poem, at least the very last line, always needs that AWE tingling sensation of a job well done. A WOW.


So, here it is, a poem about something that awes me:



In Awe of Ela’s Unfinished Dress


I moved it to the bedroom this morning
We were having someone over
Now it stands over my shoulder
as I type


That it fits her
That it’s made by her
That it’s been years
since she put pen to paper
but weeks since she stitched
the first stitch


Unfinished until the day
she blows me away
with it on, and a kiss,
the mannequin naked


More than anything
I want to see her in it
Black lace, point by point
Black jewels that fall on the floor
I love her
And I love how she works
her love
into the things she creates


Now, what AWES you?
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