Commune Exercise Day 2: Purpose

These exercises feel easy and doable (during working hours! Opps). I am grateful for them. They really inspire. Especially with how I tell myself I should be training more. Be more of a champion. Practice daily, all the time, every moment I get, religiously.


Today’s exercise features purpose. In it, poet Suskin (remember, say it like me, Sushkin!) calls for us to create meaning. Everything can have meaning: something poetic is something imbued with meaning. It could be a cross. It could be a horseshoe crab. Anything. Our job as poets is to write about things that AWE us, and then write about what they mean. That’s the joy of writing, the joy of naming things (like Cameron said) and the pleasure of giving that awesome thing meaning.


So here it is, something that already has a lot of meaning for a lot of people, but which has tremendous personal meaning too:

The Lion


It is my chosen spirit
And odd because I don’t
feel I’ve been surrounded
by many — but whenever
I see one, I remember
my wish is to transform
–New York Public Library
–YouTube channels
–ING Bank


An old spirit of
royalty and ruggedness
chill, viciousness
splinter and claws
impassive or obnoxious
strong and relaxed


. . . I said Everywhere
but not around me now
(in me?)
maybe one day
for now it evades me
or I am already

What has meaning for you?

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